a fresh start

October 30, 2020

Today, I’m learning to trust that from every closed door comes a new opportunity. The things that I let go, open me up to the new I need.

This week's journaling prompts:

  • What are you holding onto now that you need to set free? 

  • How will you feel when you let those things go? 

  • Think back to a time where you let something go in your past. How was that helpful in getting you to this point in your life. 

Some interesting links:

How to deal with election anxiety

The Minimum Viable Good Life

Aurélia is one of my favorite illustrators.

How to Have a Hard Conversation 

Dancing through Harlem

I’m obsessed with this blanket.

The magic of a fresh start

xo Justin

PS. I’m on the tail end of a week long vacation. If you’ve been working through the pandemic because you can’t travel, I highly encourage you to use those vacation days. This reset was so necessary. 

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