dear inner critic

May 27, 2020

Dear inner critic,

You told me to give up.
But I won’t.

You promised that I would fail.
And I might this time.
But I promise I will keep trying.

You questioned my vision.
But thankfully, I know I was designed to do this work.

I will show up even though you’re constantly nagging me with doubt.

Because this is my passion.
This is my purpose.
This is my chance to make a small dent in the universe.

I am loved.

I am worthy.

And I will press on.

It won’t be perfect the first time. And that’s okay.
I will get better. It will get easier.

You can’t stop this progress.

PS. I put together a quick 5 question poll to learn a little more about you. I’d love for you to fill it out. Fill out the form.

Found it on the Internet

I found an old Pecha Kucha presentation I did. Wow, I’ve changed so much since then.

There’s a website of free illustrations of black people you can use for your next digital project. (Why didn’t I think of this?)

I’ve never been to Tokyo, but seeing these photos makes me want to go.

These work from home tips go beyond the obvious. I’m here for it.

This one is for all the couples struggling with cabin fever.

A few people reached out to me about getting into graphic design. This course looks promising.

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