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November 12, 2020

You are no longer limited by the truths you accepted in your childhood. 

Just as your body has grown and your mind developed, there are some things you’ve learned along the way that you also must let go.

A mindset of lack.

A fear of abandonment.

That voice in the back of your head that tells you you’re not enough.

You have permission to be something new.

And that starts today.

This week's journaling prompts:

Write a letter to 7 year old you. Give yourself advice for the future. Say everything nice and kind you wish you'd heard.

Some interesting links:

I was dying laughing listening to this “honest” meditation. 

99 Positive Affirmations you can use every day. 

I officially caught up on the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast, so now before bed I listen to Potterless, recaps of the books from a guy that starts hating Harry Potter and slowly learns to love it.  

Currently Watching: The Queen’s Gambit on Netflix. Here’s a review. 

I also just finished Girlfriends and desperately want a movie where Joan and Toni reconcile at the dream wedding we were hoping Joan would have. 

Currently Reading: Creativity (Insights on a New Way of Living) by Osho 

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Crafting Together is the new pandemic pastime. Here’s why.

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