Favorite Things: August Edition with Justin Shiels

July 30, 2020

By day, Justin Shiels, is a Creative Director in Austin, TX. But his passion is creating joyful content that transforms lives. He is the founder of Curious Tribe. He’d be honored if you followed him on Instagram.

Here are a few of Justin’s favorite things:


Watching I May Destroy You on HBO.

A British drama about a Twitter famous author that’s trying to rebuild her life after a sexual assault. Full disclosure: this show is heavy, but it’s beautifully shot and remarkably told. Michaela Coel is a genius.


Learning how to surrender by meditating with Insight Timer.

I still have a lot of trouble with this habit, so I’ve prioritized meditating at least twice a week. Hands down my favorite teacher so far is Sarah Blondin. Her stories resonate with me somewhere deep in my soul.


Reading Frankisstein by Jeanette Winterson.

A science fiction novel that wrestles with the invention of AI in an aggressively contemporary way. Totally weird, but I love it.


Working out with Hip Hop Fit on Youtube.

Mike Peele is a professional choreographer that makes fun hip hop dance classes. I am now a super fan with a growing repertoire of eight counts.


And some fun links

Lisa Congdon has an inspirational reminder

Why Your Strengths — Not Your Passions — Are the Key to a Happy Career

I watched like 7 of her videos back to back. Hilarious!

Help! My Boss Accidentally Shared His X-Rated Conversation Over a Zoom Meeting.

This comic warmed my heart.

I think I need to buy Dusen Dusen bedding

This post reminded me how beautiful love can be.

PS. I’m super excited to introduce this new monthly feature for Curious Tribe. We’re always looking to connect with likeminded thinkers, makers, and doers. If you’re interested in guest curating a Favorite Things issue or want to nominate someone, simply reply to this email with a link to the curator’s Instagram account. Full disclosure: I’m going to be super picky.

xo Justin

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