July 8, 2020

make room for the good that is coming.

declutter your heart.

declutter your mind.

declutter your home.

and wait for something magic to happen.

Currently watching:
Nurse Jackie on Netflix – A comedic drama about a great nurse and terrible human being

Broad City on Hulu for the second time – two best friends get high in New York and have zany adventures (although Ilana was mad problematic in season one)

Sick Note on Netflix – Ron Weasley has grown up and he’s a jerk to everyone in his life

Currently reading:
Come Matter Here by Hannah Brencher
(Note: this is a religious book)

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

This is Marketing by Seth Godin

Some Articles:
How to make a proper introduction for a collaboration

How to Meditate

Why we need to Rethink just about everything

Protecting Your Mindset During This Season

Where are the Black Designers? A Conference

The complete guide to planning your day

9 Ways Creatives can Manage Anxiety

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