September Favorite Things

September 3, 2020

Even though its 105 degrees in Texas, I'm dreaming of cool fall days, leaves changing, and sipping hot tea on my balcony. Here are a few of my favorite things:


Watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend on Netflix.

This is an offbeat musical comedy tv series that follows a Harvard-educated lawyer that leaves her unhappy life in New York to reunite with a boyfriend from summer camp. I actually watched this in real time when it ran on CW, but rewatching is even more hilarious.


Stretching and doing micro workouts with  Darabee.

I’ve mentioned before that working out isn’t my favorite thing to do, so very frequently I have to switch things up. My new favorite has been the free workouts on Darabee. Whether you’re trying to reduce knee or back pain or do an indoor cardio challenge, they have simple ideas that are easy to follow.


Reading The Wangs vs. The World by Jade Chang

This is the perfect light summer read, where an immigrant family loses their colossal fortune, but finds a deeper connection through a family road trip. The book is beautifully written and shows the complex inner workings of each of the family members with good humor and compassion.


And some fun links:

One School NY is a free 16-week portfolio school for black creatives.

99U posted their conference talks and I’m feeling inspired.

Enjoy (And Request) Vacation Days In A Stress-Free Way

Give a Dose is a judgment free space to share stories, learn from others, and check subconscious bias.

953 Black Owned Brands to Support

I loved this article on prioritizing your product ideas

Man Recreates Historical Figures’ Portraits With Their Descendants, And One Of Them Is Jefferson’s Sixth Great-Grandson


By day, Justin Shiels, is a Creative Director in Austin, TX. But his passion is creating joyful content that transforms lives. He is the founder of Curious Tribe. He’d be honored if you followed him on Instagram.

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