the courage to live out loud

June 17, 2020

In high school, I learned to hide certain parts of myself.
how to tuck away my emotions
so they couldn’t be used as weapons against me.

Sometimes I chose to fade into the background.
Sometimes — and I hate to say this — I was cruel.

Because I wan’t ready to love the man that I was becoming.
And couldn’t understand that others were further along on their journeys.

I stand today: Black. Gay. and Proud.

It was a messy and awkward process.
But therapy and a meaningful support system helped me find the strength to stand in my truth.

June is Pride month.
A month to embrace that Love is Love.
But also a chance to remember that it not easy being the truest, most beautiful version of yourself.

In fact, it takes so much courage to live out loud.

You can turn that sadness into joy.
You can translate your fear into self acceptance.
You have permission to be your most authentic self.

It takes work, but it gets better.

xo justin

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