the curious tribe manifesto…finally

July 22, 2020

There’s power in naming things–in defining their reason to exist. And over the past four weeks, I’ve been slowly writing (and rewriting) the Curious Tribe manifesto. The fifth draft is finally ready to share with you all, but best believe I’m still workshopping this, so I’d love to hear your thoughts in our Facebook group.

We are the dreamers

The makers

The doers

Building the beautiful world we want to exist.

Living with intention and doing work that above all else matters.

Experiencing everything life has to offer.

And slowing down enough to feel the good and the not so good.

Because a life well lived has moments of both.

We invite integrity into our daily rituals.

Admitting that even with our best efforts we will make mighty mistakes.

But we will live boldly and acknowledge our faults.

Yes, everything is always changing, but growth is our consistent choice.

We will define our purpose and strive every single day to walk in light and love.

Even when it’s hard–especially when it’s hard.

We will redefine success in human terms.

By prioritizing the most essential things:

our chosen family, the greater community, our secret dreams, our inner peace.

We understand that we don’t have to choose between mind, body, and soul. Because everything beautiful and good comes from the combination of the three.

We promise to treat life like a series of experiments instead of something we are doomed to endure.

When we fail, we will do so magnificently

because we have the courage to try over and over and over again.

We will invest our time into deeply connecting with the world and its extraordinary creations.

Embracing the beauty in our diversity, fighting for equality, and letting go of our desire to be normal.

Why? Because we’d rather stay curious.

xo Justin

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