you’re already enough

May 6, 2020

I talk a lot about life transformation, but I feel like everyone needs this reminder:

You’re already enough.

Take care of yourself. Work on those goals. Make some healthy changes if you want to.

But achieving goals have nothing to do with your self worth. You have always and always will be worthy of love.

Found it on the Internet

Here are some not-quite-safe-for-work coloring pages you can download.

Sometimes you just need a good cry.

Obsessing over these illustrations.

Virtual Dating Ideas cause I’m sure those Tinder fingers have been busy.

Andrea Pippen’s new book, “Hey Baby” is adorable.

Jon Foreman arranges seashell coils and stone gradients for hypnotizing photographs.

Here’s a fun tissue paper tie dye DIY.

Currently Watching:

  • “Hollywood” on Netflix – Ryan Murphy does a glamorous, alternative Hollywood history.
  • “Never Have I Ever” on Netflix – Think American Pie–if you recast the movie with a diverse cast of nerdy women.
  • “Upload” on Amazon – An easy to watch comedy that imagines a world where heaven is a computer simulation you can upload yourself into (if you can afford it).

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